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many of those AV tracks are connected to Humatic's media installations.
Music for Movies & Real Life special mixes might be of interest for film makers & TV- radioplay- theater- professionals.
! Limited VINYL in individual artist made sleeves on request ! contact
About the Artists & Projects :
Since decades VOOV stands for luxury noise without too many POP taboos. VOOV produced a bunch of film- and TV soundtracks, theater and radioplay music and is open for collabs in those fields. VOOV collaborated with members of Neubauten, DAF, Rainbirds & Alphaville founded the BOOM operators & the media-art group Humatic ® . Humatic ' s interactive AV installations have been shown and honored worldwide.

BOOOM operators
formerly known as BOOM operators, started 1986 as the Berlin duo Mennicken / VOOV before sOOt teamed up with them 18months later. Always being miles ahead turned out to be an obstacle, but now finally they got their act together, releasing the unreleased and remodelling the holy old stuff.

The three hotheads ceased their joint activities around 1993. HJ ‘the BOOM’ Mennicken died in 2014.
The feedback on the 2019 Track “Minit with U” motivated VOOV & sOOt to resume the BOOOMops’ path and dig deep into the treasure chest. And now they’re starting off the fireworks with the publication of several excerpts from the legendary concert at the Lituanika festival 1988 in Vilnius.

DJ &  coproducer since 1986, resident in berlin clubs e-werk, tresor, planet & ufo. Releases with groups such as veinmelter and futurhythm on labels such as disko b, space teddy, bmww, psycho thrill and international dj gigolos.

WonderTune BOOMlab
BOOMlab is a model of hope in Berlin International creation. The independent group of media producers and golden voiced singers has been collaborating in the development of music pieces since 2019. The protagonists' wide -ranged background reaches from pop music production to experimental noise installations. BOOMlab focuses on pragmatic goals, free of melodrama, unpolitical correctness and any kind of gravitational forces. BOOmlab understands the listeners interest in their full satisfaction with the product..

Bernd Norbert Würtz aka hÄK, is as a professional composer & sound designer for film, media and advertising projects. He collaborated with directors such as Dante Ariola & Luc Besson and for brands such as Nike & Johnny Walker. hÄK releases experimental electronic music.

sOOt Singer of The Legendary BOOOM operators

GOLD wikipedia, singer of Alphaville and a longtime fellow

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